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Originally posted by armsys
I deem a list of files (ListPro files) should be assigned with the text template because I just want a list, no more and no less. It's text by nature, certainly not document.
Wait a minute...

Are you going to Windows Explorer, selecting a series of files, copy to clipboard, then pasting to an Item in the UR Data Explorer?

This will create one Item for each file in the clipboard.

Alternately, create a new Text Item in UR, set your cursor (focus) to the Detail Pane for this Item, then paste, this will create a "list" of hyperlinks to the files.

If you don't want the hyperlinks in this "list", just the filenames as plain text - I don't know how to do that easily. I could do it from DOS with the DIR /bare command redirected to a text file, but from Windows I don't know.
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