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The screen shots of your own UR masterpieces are always inspiring and amazing to me. Even for a magazine catalog, various templates and forms are used for Toc, Mag Title, Section Head,...etc. That's awesome.

In fact, the said screen shots did hit on my original question.

Phase 1 Question (focused on the Import process):
When importing "154.1 - What goes into great..." pdf files, how are fields in the Form filled up, automatically (by UR) or manually (by you)?
In my case, after copying the URL of a pdf file and pasting into UR "eBook" folder, the form isn't shown up. I attempted to change the Template Item from "Document" to "Book" in vain because the dropdown list only shows Document as the only choice.

Phase 2 Questions (focused on the changing Templates):
1. Referring to your two screen shots, can I change from, say, 04-TOC-Section-Head to, say, 02-Mag-Isssue? If not, why not?
2. What criteria and/or mechanism could determine the exposure (shown or hidden) of template options (in the Template Item) apparently based on (parent) Text and Document (system) templates?
3. After receiving your first response, I tinkered with my Book template. After manually changing Default Child Template from Text to Document, it'll stubbornly switch back to Text. But why? Is it because there are some Info Items which was already assigned with Book template (which, in turn, was assigned Text template)?

Phase 3 Questions (unrelated to the core issue here)
1. Obviously, you keep a detailed catalog of your magazines. Do you also use UR as a note taking tool for your readings?
2. For each issue of PC Magazine, do you use the same set of templates and forms?
3. Are layouts shown in your screen shots specially created for the Publications.urd?
4. Are the folders <PC Manage>, <1994-09-27 - v.13.16>, <1994-10-11 - v.13.17>,...etc. of the Folder template? I see a different icon shown here, instead of a regular folder icon.

Thanks for your help. Have a nice weekend.


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