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thanks for the reply armsys.

i guess i should have been clearer... i'll try again.

my three questions are really tied together so i'll just elaborate.

what i want to do is different than just changing an individual item's icon from the attribute pane. i want to be able to globally change the "default" icon for a particular item type (ex. html file type, pdf file type etc.) which would then propagate to all existing info items of that type. what i meant by "master list" is the list that pops up when you change an item in the attribute pane. i want to be able to edit that list and reassign a different icon to a particular data type (similar to how windows allows you to reassign icons from the File Types tab in the Folder Options control panel.)

i've read the "delete all info items to clear the icon cache" method in other posts but that is not reasonable solution. i have several huge databases that are highly organized and annotated. the last thing i want do is nuke and rebuild the database just to change an icon

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