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Remote Build Execution problem

I have two build machines. The old one has VC6 and VB6 installed on it. The new machine has VS2K3 and VS2K5. I have a project where for the time being I need to build using VC6 and VB8. So what I did is I created a script that maps a drive to the old machine from the new machine. Copies over all needed files including a VBP script. Then I use a run script pointing to the remote machine. This other script just compiles the VC6 and VB6 projects.

The script is running however I get an error during compile saying that it cannot find a .h file that comes with VC6. I have verified that the files exists. If I log into the old build machine and compile the project from the VC6 IDE it builds with no errors. If I run the build script on the old machine it runs without errors.

I am thinking that it is some kind of envirionment situation that I have where my path is not set correctly or something like that. I have tried both "Run in System Account" and as a user and I get the same results.


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