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You should be able to use the MS SOAP 3.0 toolkit and some vbscript to do what you are requesting.

You can download the MS SOAP 3.0 toolkit at

Here is a function (untested) to get you started. You could add a function similar to the following example to your project script, then just add a Set Macro step with [GetSOAPValue()] as the value.

Function GetSOAPValue()
' (Using MS SOAP Toolkit 3.0)

' SOAP client object
Set clientACH = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient30")
' Output variables
Dim Result
' Initializing the SOAP client
clientACH.MSSoapInit ""
' soap method
Result = clientACH.ConnectionCheck("Parameter1", "Parameter2")
GetSOAPValue = Result
End Function
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