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I am using the evaluation version downloaded today which appears as 6.2a in Help->About. One of the key things we want is to be able to automatically increment the version of our mainly unmanaged Visual Studio.NET 2005 C++ projects. I have tried with a simple solution with one project with one rc file that only includes a VERSIONINFO block. The option to increment does not work. If I choose the rc file, it works; if I choose to set the version to a specific number, it works; but if I try to build the .vcproj or .sln, only one build is done, version number is not incremented and the log reads:

c:\vss1\IRIS\BTAX\Utilities\Uppercasefix\UpperCase Fix\UpperCaseFix.vcproj...(no changes)
14/11/2006 12:57:46: Build successfully completed.

I have read quite a few other posts that indicate this behaviour. Has this bug been fixed and should it be fixed in the eval version I am using?
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