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Thanks for the update ...

There seems to be a contradiction in the manual with what you said in the last response regarding the build project I attached:

Increment Version: The increment version option will increment the project version only if the project is built (the version is always incremented when specifying an individual RC or assembly file). This ensures that your installs work correctly and copies updated files when comparing the file version. After building or rebuilding a project, the original timestamp of the target executable is compared with the timestamp after building. If it has changed, the custom action increments the version and builds the project again (the second build will just recompile the resources and link).

The build project I provided has two build actions ... the solution is built (with the increment option enabled) as the first action (and so the rebuild all would trigger the up-version) and the .rc increment in a second action (and according to the user guide snippet above, it is always incremented). I know that if I just want to increment the version I only need to run the first action ... I just wanted to confirm that if an .rc file is specified that the increment is supposed to occur regardless.
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