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Function to Convert Project References to File References

Well, I don't want to give up the convenience of having project references in my projects but I do want the ability to build my projects individually. I need that granular level of control to support incremental builds. Anyway, I came up with this function and it seems to be working fine.

Thanks for all your help Kinook Administrator who ever you are. Attached is an example.

Please keep in mind that I wrote this very quickly and it will work fine if your project meets the following criteria:

1. VS.NET Project files are in individual folders are siblings on the file system.
2. You are always building in Release configuration.
3. Your output assembly name has the same name as your project.

The actual function is in the Project scripts. The Script step that you see calls it. In order to use it open the script step and modify it by including your project file's path.

That's it! Feel free to tweak it to meet your needs.

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