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Issue building a VS.NET SLN

I am having some serious issues building some sln's we have using VS.NET and VisualBuild 5.7. I keep getting the message:

Error loading info for project file 'd:\builds\1.x\HTPS\Libs\..\..\OpenSource\FreeTDS\ freetds-0.63\win32\VS2003\FreeTDS.vcproj': Illegal characters in path.

I can open these sln's perfectly fine on their own, and I can build them myself using the command line tools. Only when I try and build them through VisualBuild does this issue come up.

I've seen some other threads about this, and none of them seemed to be exactly the same issue. Could it possibly be that the .vcproj files have " splattered throughout them because of quotes in various paths?

Also, it's not the ..\..\ in the path, because I've opened the file using that path and had no issues. This same error appears if I try and load the freetds project directly (as in, building it's vcproj from inside VisualBuild...same error).

Any ideas?
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