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Sorry, maybe I phrased my question badly. What I'm after is some generic piece of code that I can run before and after each step (preferably automatically so i dont have to add it before / after each step) which checks out that steps project then checks it back in after build.

The machine we use to build our software keeps a local copy of the entire of sourcesafe which is automatically grabbed at the start of our Build script, so with each step we are compiling from that local (non-checked out) project. The problem is, the original project files are not registering any version change because they were never updated (checked out and in). So although the version number is being udpated LOCALLY each time, the version in sourcesafe still has the old version number.

Because our build script is so large we need the ability to be able to build an individual project, so we dont want to check out ALL of our projects each time. So basically i want something like the following.


Get All of SourceSafe
Build App1 (auto check out / in)
Build App2 (auto check out / in)
Build App3 (auto check out / in)

Thanks for the prompt response, sorry if I'm not explaining this very well.
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