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yeah I have the compulsion of not using Make VB6 to compile VB projects. Thats coz it was found that the DLL/OCX created produced some appln defects (like some icons not showing properly etc). And the same projects when compiled from the IDE or from command line, produced no such defects.
Hence I'm forced to use command line compilation for VB projects alone.

I'm handling binary break scenarios also from the build script. If a project fails to compile, continue the build, check for its error log. If the error matches with what I have stored in 2 macros (binary breaks have typical error messages), then compile the project in NO COMPAT MODE, and then compile in BINARY mode and then go back to the next project in loop and start compiling again.

Note - If the project failed due to some other reason (like compilation error, file missing etc etc and not due to binary break), then stop the build.

So during build, I can not manually change the project settings temporarily. I need to do that using script only.
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