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VB6 binary compatibility

I am using Visual Build 6.7 and am building VB6 projects which are built using binary compatibility.

Sometimes binary compatibility is unavoidable. When I build such a project using VB6 itself, I am warned that compatibility will be broken and am able to proceed with the build. In this case, VB6 modifies the major version of the embedded type library which is correct. This is important to me because if I use tlbimp to generate an interop DLL for consumption by .NET, the version of the resulting DLL is the version of the embedded type library. The version of the interop is critical for me because I am doing a patch build (msp) and if the version is not incremented then it will not be recognized as a change by the Windows Installer.

So… is there any way that I can tell Visual Build to build the VB6 DLL even if binary compatibility is broken? In essence, I want the same behavior (sans the dialog) that occurs when using VB6 interactively.
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