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Thanks for the quick response and I apologize for not providing sufficient information about the issue.

To answer your question, the step fails but from the preceding log it looks like VS successfully did everything it was supposed to do.

Here's the step:
11/6/2008 3:07:37 PM: Building subroutine step 'Build National plug-in'...
Pre-processing... C:\Products_NemsisNational\NationalPlugin\National Plug_In.csproj...setting properties...setting version...
Building configuration 'Release|Any CPU'...
Command: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\" "C:\NemsisNational\NationalPlugin.sln" /build "Release|Any CPU" /Out "C:\Products_NemsisNational\NationalPlugin.log "

All project return:
Compile complete -- 0 errors, 0 warnings

The solution includes some post-build steps:
mkdir "XSLT"
copy "C:\Products_NemsisNational\XSLT\*.XSLT" "XSLT\"
mkdir "XML"
copy "C:\Products_NemsisNational\XML\*.*" "XML\"
mkdir "SQL"
copy "C:\Products_NemsisNational\SQL\*.sql" "SQL\"
and that result in corresponding:
1 file(s) copied.
35 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.11/6/2008 3:07:49 PM: Step 'Build National plug-in' failed

One oddity from an appearance standpoint in the log is that all of the post-build commands are grouped together, then there's a space, and then all of the command output is grouped together (i.e. you do NOT see command, output, command, output, etc).

So... At this point I believe that everything's good - compiles were successful, all of the post-build folders have the right files, etc. - but then the step flags a failure.

I had seen the reference to the "Parse build output for failed projects" note but I really do want the step to fail if one of the projects does not compile properly (i.e. non-zero errors, whatever warnings). Am I misunderstanding how this property is used?

I'm not familiar with the Step.BuildStatus step but I wanted to respond to your reply first and I'll go start reading up on it now.

Thanks again for the help.
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