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Originally posted by kinook
When sorting siblings in the tree, UR performs an alphabetical sort of all items at the same level.

The only predefined items that are "special" are Recycle Bin, Templates, and Imported Items (any of the others can be moved, deleted or renamed as desired). You can also rename Recycle Bin, Imported Items, and Templates if it would help, and you can move them elsewhere via Tree | Link/Move on the menu.

You can manually order siblings in a different order via Tree | Move Up/Down (and new siblings will be added at the end). Or, you could create additional children as a child of a top-level node, instead of as immediate children of My Data.
In my experiments, there is no obvious way to rename the Recycle Bin (I think there was a bug 'fixed' that now disallows renaming of the Recycle Bin).

However, I did find a way to get all the built-in items both at the top of the tree and out of way.

I created a folder called _Builtins and then moved all the built-in items into it. I was able to use Link/Move to successfully get everything into this folder, including the Recycle Bin, Templates, and Imported Items. I kept the underscore names for everything except the Recycle Bin, so I have:

[built-ins folder]
_built-in items
Recycle Bin

This way the Recycle Bin is always at the bottom of the list, not 'hiding' in the other items.

Now I have a lot more vertical space in my data explorer simply by closing this one folder. And if I want, I could selectively move the more useful (to me) built-in items out with underscore prefixed names and still keep them at the top of the tree.

Thanks for the help. Link/Move is what I needed but the normal move item UI appears grayed out for some items that can be moved via the Link/Move dialog.

What would be nice is a way to force the Recycle Bin to be the last item in the overall tree. There is no tricky way of doing this as far as I know. Perhaps one could make a folder called 'zzzzzz' and then put the Recycle Bin inside of it... or prefix all normal folder names with underscore and then like my existing solution, the Recylce Bin would be sorted out to the bottom of the tree...
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