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Sorting of Non-Folder Items

Perhaps there is a way to do this, but I cannot figure it out.

I'd like all my non-folder items to sort before my folders.

This is my ideal:

My Data
Imported Items
Recycle Bin
All Areas
New York

However, when I try to get something like this setup using "Sort Siblings", I get everything all jumbled up (i.e. inclusive alpha sort of all items regardless of type).

The best I have managed to do is this:

My Data
_Imported Items
All Areas
New York
Recycle Bin

NOTE that the Recycle Bin is sorted in my folders and apparently cannot be renamed or moved.

Does anyone know how to move/rename the Recycle Bin? Or to make all non-folder items sort out ahead of folders?

Is there a "lock item" sort of command to lock it in a particular sort position?

And, in general, why do "special items" sort alphabetically anyway? It does not seem all very intuitive to have things like "Projects" and "Notes" to be sorted in between generic folders.

Any thoughts???
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