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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
This is a bit of a cheat really because you are setting the background colour of all windows, not just Ultra Recall.

Programs like MyInfo and MyBasel and even to a certain extent WhizFolders allow the setting of the background colour of individual elements of the user interface. For instance in MyBase I had the background colour of the main editing window as a very light beige, the hierarchical tree of items was a very light green and the hierarchical tree of keywords was a very light blue (yes MyBase has a hierarchical tree of keywords but it main flaw was that it fell over if you had more than about 250 to 300 megabytes of notes within it).

Most of the note taking solutions I reviewed had major faults to a greater or lesser extent, apart from Ultra Recall which has minor faults, which would not be that difficult to correct.

Ultra Recall represents the best note taking solution I have found so far.
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