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To prevent display of the XML content of .scrivx files in UR, add .scrivx to Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to edit/view externally.

After importing (linking) a .scrivx file into the tree (via copy/paste, drag/drop, File | Import, etc.), double-click on the imported item, or select the item and choose Item | Open Document on the menu, or press Ctrl+J, or click the Click here to open document link (displayed in the detail pane when selecting an item after adding .scrivx as described above) to open externally in Scrivener.

Alternatively, you can create a link to the file within a text item -- Format | Insert Hyperlink, enter a name, and browse to the .scrivx file in the second field. Click OK, then click on the link to open that file in Scrivener.
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