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Question Starting a program by executing its file

On my system I have some files created by a program. Internally they are XML files but they do not have the extension .XML instead they have the extension .scrivx

In windows the .scrivx extension is associated with the program Scrivener.

When I double click this file in windows explorer then it opens the program associated with this extension (Scrivener), the file specifies a particular project to open and that project is opened in Scrivener.

What I want to be able to do is to launch a particular Scrivener project from within Ultra Recall.

If I create a link to a .scrivx file in Ultra Recall and click on the link the file is opened in the editor pane as an XML file and its contents displayed. If I drag the .scrivx file to the tree and click on this tree item then it is opened in the editor pane as an XML file. If I construct a hypertext like to the Scrivener executable with the .scrivx file as a parameter then Scrivener opens with the last project it had open.

How can I get Ultra Recall to treat .scrivx files in the same way as windows explorer?
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