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"Open Containing Folder" ?? invoked via Ctrl-w, but I could find no reference to this in the Global Shortcuts area of the Help File. There is a reference to it in the PDF manual download, though. Probably just an oversight....

My question is this: what is intent of this function when someone is storing their content in the Ultra Recall database? If I select an externally linked document, then it makes sense that it displays the folder containing the linked item.

But if I select something that is stored internally, shouldn't it display the contents of the folder in the Data Explorer that the item resides in? Having it display the content of my hard drive when I select a stored item doesn't seem to make sense.

If making it show the parent folder when used for a stored item isn't possible, perhaps it should be grayed-out/hidden if a stored item is selected.

Am I missing something regarding it's intended use/effect?

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