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Sample Run Program Step:
<step action='Run Program'>
	<command>"C:\program files\vmware\vmware workstation\vmrun.exe" -gu user -gp password runProgramInGuest "i:\vm images\smoketest win2000\Windows 2000 Professional.vmx" "c:\winnt\notepad.exe"</command>
	<indent type='3'>1</indent>
	<name>Run Program</name>
	<outputfrom type='3'>1</outputfrom>
You'll have to change the username, password, path to the VMX, and the program you want to execute.

Another note: This command will 'wait' until the program you launch terminates. In this example, by default, visual build will 'wait' until Notepad terminates inside the VM. If you uncheck "Wait for Completion", it'll launch the script, and continue on with the build.
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