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VMware Workstation ->"Run Program" Command doesn't work


I am a newbie using Visual Build and it works fine. Though I have been trying to do some things with VMware Workstation, I can't find the way.
Till now i can "Start" a Virtual machine with an specified snapshot. But when I use "run program" command I get this error:

"Error: Unrecognized command: runProgramInGuestProcess completed with exit code -12/26/2008 10:04:11 AM: Step 'VMware Workstation-Connect&Exit' failed"

The step as you can see is named "VMware Workstation-Connect&Exit".

I really don't know what I am doing bad.
The program I want to run is in the virtual machine and in the host machine also, both in the same path.
The help that comes with Visual Build it's not enough at least for me to know how to work with this.

Could somebody help me please

Thanks a lot.

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