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I got a similar error message to "'http://wiki.a0d/svn/TortoiseSVN/trunk' is not a local path". If you have a SVN set up with 'trunk', 'tags' and 'branches' subdirectories and check out from the trunk directory (rather than the repository root) then the VBP svn update command will give the above error. The command line "svn update /path/to/working/directory" will update the working copy as desired. It would appear to me that the VBP svn update command is not translating to the simple command line that you would expect.

If you check out from the repository root then the VBP svn update command works as expected.

I've resorted to using the "run program" action with a %DOSCMD% to run the "svn update /path/to/working/directory" directly
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