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I was actually deriving the impression that Kinook was acquiring their RTF editing code, but it's no mere trick to incorporate it into the product. I imagine that the idea of embedding MS Word was originally conceived to avoid all of this, but they've got a tiger by the tail there.

I sympathize deeply with software houses. Limiting run-away featurism is not only a technical problem, but a marketing and social one. Honest engaged developers genuinely feel like we're "all in this together" but only they are the losers when things get out of hand. Users can just move on. Developers will quickly find that the road to their own special hell is paved with their good intentions toward their user community.

Treepad is an example of this. It's hugely featured, lots of stuff. Its publishing capability is quite stunning and the RTF editor is way ahead of UR's, but the product is mired in older development tools and the developer is miles from providing item attributes and the complex searching that Kinook built into UR. I'm getting hooked on UR because of the attributes (much more database-like) but publishing a la Treepad would make it huge to a much wider audience. Web-based content management is attractive because of its inherently collaborative nature but PC-based content management is so snappy and personal, it's hard to ignore. I hope this is making sense.

Conclusion: I'm something of a pushy user, no doubt, but I'm trying my best to refrain from claiming to need every little feature that passes through my head.
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