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regarding double spacing and other simple formatting, you can use rich edit shortcuts, however note that some of them collide with UR shortcuts, so you'd need to change them in UR settings.

Rich edit controls support the following shortcut keys.

Keys Operations Comments
Shift+Backspace Generate a LRM/LRM on a bidi keyboard BiDi specific
Ctrl+Tab Tab
Ctrl+Clear Select all
Ctrl+Number Pad 5 Select all
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+E Center alignment
Ctrl+J Justify alignment
Ctrl+R Right alignment
Ctrl+L Left alignment
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+'+' (Ctrl+Shift+'=') Superscript
Ctrl+'=' Subscript
Ctrl+1 Line spacing = 1 line.
Ctrl+2 Line spacing = 2 lines.
Ctrl+5 Line spacing = 1.5 lines.
Ctrl+' (apostrophe) Accent acute After pressing the short cut key, press the appropriate letter (for example a, e, or u). This applies to English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish keyboards only.
Ctrl+` (grave) Accent grave See Ctrl+' comments.
Ctrl+~ (tilde) Accent tilde See Ctrl+' comments.
Ctrl+; (semicolon) Accent umlaut See Ctrl+' comments.
Ctrl+Shift+6 Accent caret (circumflex) See Ctrl+' comments.
Ctrl+, (comma) Accent cedilla See Ctrl+' comments.
Ctrl+Shift+' (apostrophe) Activate smart quotes
Backspace If text is protected, beep and do not delete it. Otherwise, delete previous character.
Ctrl+Backspace Delete previous word. This generates a VK_F16 code.
F16 Same as Backspace.
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Shift+Insert Paste
Insert Overwrite DBCS does not overwrite.
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move cursor one word to the left. On bidi keyboard, this depends on the direction of the text.
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move cursor one word to the right. See Ctrl+Left Arrow comments.
Ctrl+Left Shift Left alignment In BiDi documents, this is for left-to-right reading order.
Ctrl+Right Shift Right alignment In BiDi documents, this is for right-to-left reading order.
Ctrl+Up Arrow Move to the line above.
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move to the line below.
Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl+End Move to the end of the document.
Ctrl+Page Up Move one page up. If in SystemEditMode and Single Line control, do nothing.
Ctrl+Page Down Move one page down. See Ctrl+Page Up comments.
Ctrl+Delete Delete the next word or selected characters.
Shift+Delete Cut the selected characters.

Esc Stop drag-drop. While doing a drag-drop of text.
Alt+Esc Change the active application.
Alt+X Converts the Unicode hexadecimal value preceding the insertion point to the corresponding Unicode character.
Alt+Shift+X Converts the Unicode character preceding the insertion point to the corresponding Unicode hexadecimal value.
Alt+0xxx (Number Pad) Inserts Unicode values if xxx is greater than 255. When xxx is less than 256, ASCI range text is inserted based on the current keyboard. Must enter decimal values.

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F12 Hex to Unicode. In case Alt+X is already taken for another use.
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F11 Selected text will be output to the debugger window and saved to %temp%\DumpFontInfo.txt. For Debug only (need to set Flag=8 in Win.ini)
Ctrl+Shift+A Set all caps.
Ctrl+Shift+L Fiddle bullet style.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow Increase font size. Font size changes by 1 point in the range 4pt-11pt; by 2points for 12pt-28pt; it changes from 28pt -> 36pt -> 48pt -> 72pt -> 80pt; it changes by 10 points in the range 80pt - 1630pt; the maximum value is 1638.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow Decrease font size. See Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow comments.
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