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Having my cake and eating it too

I'm still getting my feet wet in the UR pond, so please bear with me.

I'd like to have a little better formatting capability than the build-in RTF editor. For example, I'm doing academic work where appearance is pretty important, so paragraph styles are a good thing - even just double spacing would be nice.

So, I set my options to work in MS Word inside UR. Seems to work quite well - really well, in fact. I've got my formatting and all, but there's a new problem. Because UR creates a temp file in the middle of nowhere, my relative hyperlinks to external files (my cited references) don't work anymore. Sigh.

So, I'll live without the formatting because I can't live without snapping open my references. New problem: I reverted to editing with the internal RTF editor and now the details that I touched with Word need to be opened with the "Click here to open stored document" link and they are opened with Word externally, even though they're RTF, not MS Word format. Heavy sigh.

Questions: Can you get me out of this hole I've dug myself into? Is there a way to open a hyperlink stored in a form (I mean without copying and pasting) above the detail editing window? When are you going to pump up the internal RTF editor so I can stop messing around in Word?


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