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Kinook, aren't you getting tired of hearing UR users -- especially new ones -- saying things such as, "Wow, UR has so many useful but virtually hidden features!" Or, "Gee, I tried to read UR's apparently programmer-centered 'help' file to find the answer to my question, but got lost in all those tedious hyperlinks." Or, "Gosh, it would be nice if there were more user-friendly videos detailing in understandable, step-by-step English all of UR's neat features (if you want to do X, first click on Y, then click on Z, and viola!)...," etc.

UR needs 1) a helpful help file, 2) non-flashy, non-Google-type videos (e.g., Google's absurd and totally useless "Buzz" videos), 3) a global, multi-database search function. Is this too much to ask?
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