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It would be great if things like the 'hoist-and-lock' were more 'in your face' for new users of UR, so as soon as they started using the product they immediately saw great features like that.

I think there are a lot of users of UR that are very entrenched in how outliners work, so to them things like hoisting and locking might immediately make sense. Then there are probably plenty of users like me who really don't have a lot of outliner experience and are now using them to get their lives better organized. Up until yesterday, to me a tab in UR was a view of a single note. Then came a simple explanation of use and suddenly a tab was not a view of a single note, but instead a specialized view into the tree.

It makes me wonder how many other revelations there are waiting to be seen that will again be huge productivity boosts. I've gone through the help file many times, so know its contents pretty well. The help file gives basic purpose for each individual item in the app (clicking x will do y), but doesn't really explain how or why. Now I need to scour this forum and any referenced videos, etc. to see what else is lying just under the surface.

Thanks for a great product, now on with the quest to find out how to really use it to its potential,

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