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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
See Tools | Options | Trees (More) | Hoist tree when locking tab title or going to a locked item.
Yeah, I had passed over that option a hundred times before not understanding how it could be useful. The explanation that $bill gave made me realize that you can have different portions of the tree visible in different tabs, which essentially gives you different trees in different tabs. Prior to that I just thought that when you hoisted, the same hoist was there for all tabs, so I never really bothered with it because I didn't see the purpose. I thought there was only one view of the tree no matter what you did with the tabs, so never really used hoisting much and never really used multiple tabs much because they all tied to the same tree so I didn't see much purpose.

The simple explanation of how hoisting and locked tabs were used together made it click in my head. I had read the help page for the Tree (More) Options many times, and that never made it click. Wow, this is such a useful thing it should be in a video on the main description page for UR.

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