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Originally Posted by $bill View Post
I use hoisted folders or saved searches in a locked tab. I use the Child Items pane to sort them, and may then select one to see the item's details. So uisng the GTD database sample, I would have hoisted locked tabs for Active GTD, Projects, Reference, etc. The locked titles tell me what 'view' of the database is in this tab.
So basically you use locked tabs as a workaround to UR only allowing one tree in a database. The locked tabs provide a virtual tree from a portion of the larger tree, and as long as you don't 'unhoist' then the locked tab title makes sense.

That is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for posting that idea! With one simple posting you have just eliminated two of my 3 biggest gripes about UR.
  1. There can be one and only one tree in a database.
  2. It is possible to lock the title of a note, but not the note itself.
  3. There are no options to export a database into anything that is professional enough looking to actually present to anybody.

For item #1 I have been using TreeDbNotes, since it allows any number of trees in a database. Now you have shown me a way to create a virtual tree in UR that takes a bit to set up, but is almost as good as a separate tree. Yay!

Item #2 -- since there was only one tree, I had been using the locking of a note title as a way to keep notes open from various areas of the database (things I'm working on at the time). It was always extremely frustrating to me to have the body of a locked note change when I poked around in the database! Now with the hoist-and-lock, I no longer see a need at all to lock a single note. Lock a branch of the tree instead, genious!

Item #3 -- ok, for now I'll have to contunue using TreeDbNotes for this one. Hopefully soon some professional looking export options will be available for UR.


Thank you so much $bill! Before now hoisting had been just a way for me to avoid the clutter of seeing the entire tree at once; I had never thought of combining hoisting with locking a tab. Amazing the things that can be learned by hanging around the forum; you have just increased my productivity in UR tremendously!

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