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Reviving this old suggestion... Actually I'd be happy with the approach quant mentions, but I don't see either one on the road map.

Just thought of another approach. In addition to making it easier to remove specific unwanted items, it would also be nice to have sticky search terms: A way to keep favorite phrases from scrolling off even if you haven't used them in a while.

Yes, I know we can save searches using the copy button and I do use it for a few key phrases. But my sticky list would tend to get too long for that. Here's an idea that could mitigate all of these issues at once.

Change the search list algorithm: Instead of simple FIFO (which pushes even your favorites down rather quickly), use descending sort based on number of times a phrase is used. Items used only once get pushed off the bottom of the stack first! Would also keep favorites at/near the top longer than FIFO (less scrolling). Then I'd rarely have to worry about deleting a phrase I misspelled 5 times to avoid pushing out valid terms that haven't been used in a while.

This is not as important as some of the must-have items on the road map, but it would be nice to have someday.

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