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Constant auto-saving

Greetings. I finally decided to purchase Ultra Recall, after playing around with various information organisers for a few months, then giving up for a while (...), then getting frustrated again with storing stuff in random text files.

I have to say, it's quite a nice, powerful program, and mostly, a pleasure to use. I even chose it over SQLNotes, which is free, and in some ways more powerful, but was just not as quick or easy to use. Congrats to Kinook.

2 problems are currently frustrating me, though, and I'll post them as separate topics. The first problem is that while a UR database is open, UR constantly updates the .urd file time, exactly every minute. This does very bad things for my syncing/backup software, and is just not proper behaviour in general.

I have Editor/Autosave = 0. It doesn't matter whether I have currently unsaved changes or not. In fact, if I do have unsaved changes (the "Save" icon is enabled), the .urd file is still updated every minute, without the Save icon changing. If I hit that Save, it saves the file, which then continues to update every minute.

I even tried the UseFastSynchronousLevel.reg hack. When I enabled that, the .urd file never updated, even when I hit Save! So I reverted that change...
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