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SourceSafe Label problem

I'm trying apply a label such as "Build 27" at project level in VSS.


If I do this manually in VSS I just go to root project ("$/MyProject/1.0"), right click and hit Label. The label is instantly applied to all subfolders and files.

Labelling a project VisualBuild seem different. Its seems that a label is first applied to root project, and then the system tries to recursively label all subprojects and their files with the same label. This causes VSS to keep prompting if we want to override/delete the previous label:

The label "Build 27" is used by a previous version of $/MyProject/1.0
Remove the old label?(Y/N)Y

Its taking ages (several minutes) to label a project with many subprojects/files in this way

Any idea where I'm going wrong.

BTW - "Perform operation recursively operation" is NOT checked.
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