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2-way links

I don't know if this is even possible, but it would be so cool if you could create it.

2-way internal links - where I create a link from one item to another item and in the other item a link appears at the very end of the item linking back to the originating item. The look of the link should be a little different from a regular one-way link.

I'd like to be able to establish more than one two-way link to a given item. For example, I might have an item that is used on multiple projects.

Ideally, I'd be able to differentiate between an outbound link and the returning link. I think this could be a very easy thing to visually imagine:

==> central item | project 1 item
central item | project 1 item ==>

==> central item | project 2 item
central item | project 2 item ==>


This would provide a very elegant way to set up a "central area" that could be accessed from many project areas without having to think about how to "get back" to the project area proper.

- Bal
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