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Originally posted by armsys
It also shows no so many users appreciate the time-saving benefits of using UR.
I resonate with what you've said! I'm a novice with UR and so can't really address how suited it is for GTD; but I did look at the GTD.urd sample db provided and felt it was over my head while still learning I didn't pursue it any further.

But I resonate with the minimal response and what it probably indicates!

I've had the good fortune over the years to pick up various shareware programs that turned out to be real gems of productivity - and I supported them fiercely as I became heavily invested in keeping them alive & available for me to use. But in most instances I was lucky enough to find a large and lively user base of folks who'd become expert with the software and were active in discussing their usage with others on message boards like this. I learned a lot from their discussions and was able to quickly progress in my use of the software from listening to them.

I miss that with UR. I feel I'm left to learn the software pretty much on my own thru reading and trial and error...which I can do, but it's a lot slower than harnessing the power of shared learning.

No worries mate...nothing to do about it I guess...just commiserating with you.

-- dg
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