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Originally posted by score
I got to step 2 which is adding the
Application.Options.RunProgramOutputWaitTimeout = 1000
Application.Options.RunProgramInputWaitTimeout = 1000

Is this setting how long to wait for a process to end? is it in minutes or seconds? Some of the processes take over an hour to run. Could that be it?

It does seem to always hang after a long running step.
It is the time, in milliseconds, to wait for output from a called process's standard output pipe. This wait occurs in a loop until the process completes (or the build is canceled). The setting just changes how long to wait within each loop iteration, but one user indicated that it may have made a difference for them.

Looking at the files you submitted in April, it appears the problem occurs when invoking devenv (VS2008) from a Run Program action. Some other things to try if the previous suggestions don't help:

1) Change the Run Program action command to:

%DOSCMD% original cmd here >%TEMP%\out.txt

and Read program output from 'A file' of %TEMP%\out.txt

2) Replace the Run Program action with a Make VS 2008 action (which calls MSBuild instead of devenv by default).

Any information on what might have changed from when it was working and then stopped working (you indicated in April that using the /mta switch w/ v6.7 resolved the problem) or details on how to reproduce the problem (we've run numerous tests with long-running Run Program steps on Windows 2003 SP2 virtual machine guests without any problems) could be helpful.

Also, yesterday we made one tweak to VBP v6.7a which could conceivably make a difference. If Help | About | Install Info does not show

VisBuildPro.exe version

try re-downloading and installing to get this update.

Also, back in April you indicated:

VisBuildPro.exe" /mta /s /b coleto.bld (no hang)
VisBuildPro.exe" /s /b coleto.bld (no hang)
VisBuildPro.exe" /mta coleto.bld (no hang)
VisBuildPro.exe" coleto.bld (hangs)

Is that still the case, or under what conditions does it now hang?

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