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We have not been able to reproduce the problem (and not for a lack of trying), but as far as we know, one or more of the following resolved the problem for others who have reported it:

1) Updating to v6.7a

2) Adding a Run Script (VBScript) step like this at the beginning of with this code:

Application.Options.RunProgramOutputWaitTimeout = 1000
Application.Options.RunProgramInputWaitTimeout = 1000

3) Removing the VBP DEP exclusions (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Data Execution Prevention -> Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select, Remove Visual Build Professional and Visual Build Professional 6 Console App from the list, OK, and restart Windows) and then configuring Windows to 'Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only' (in that same dialog) and restart again.

4) Adding a Wait step (5 seconds) at the end of a chained (child) build or before and/or after a step that hangs.

If none of those help, please provide the following information:

Are you building from a Scheduled Task, starting manually, or? Any ideas on anything that may have changed when the problem returned? Please ZIP and send:
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info (after updating to v6.7a)
2) A screen shot of System properties (Windows+Break)
3) A reproducible test case, including VBP project(s) that demonstrate the problem.

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