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Exporting UR data to RSS

Follow these instructions to convert an Ultra Recall XML export to an RSS feed.

Initial Setup

1) In the Related Items pane, sort in reverse chronological order by Date Created and select all the items to export.

2) Choose File | Export on the menu.

3) If the Intro page is displayed, check the Don't display option and click Next.

4) On the Select Output Type page, select Files to an XML (OML) file and click Next.

5) On the Select Attributes page, click Uncheck All, then include the Item Text attribute by clicking on the blank checkbox next to it, and click Next.

6) On the Select Destination page, enter the export path plus filename of export.xml (i.e., c:\RSS\export.xml), uncheck the Export child items (recursive) and Open Explorer window after export checkboxes, and enter a name (i.e., "RSS Feed") in the Save setting as field.

7) Download and unzip the attached ZIP file (at the bottom of this post) to the folder containing export.xml (this only needs to be done the first time).

Note: In the future, select these settings in the Use saved settings field on step #4 and just click Next for steps #4 through #6, or automate by exporting from the command-line.

Converting to RSS

Double-click on ConvertToRSS.vbs in the folder containing export.xml to convert to RSS. To publish, copy or upload rss.xml to a web server.
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