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Originally Posted by Spliff View Post
For example, for the last 14 days or so, just my main UR database (i.e. "A" for "Allgemein" = "General") re-opens automatically on every new session, any further databases I then have to re-open manually, this with "Reload selection and tabs from last database session" ON (as always, and I checked this again); this phenomenon also "survived my latest "Compact and Repair" (which reset my 15s wait for the ("A" only now) database visual rendering to "almost immediately" indeed).

And for such phenomena, it's never entirely evident if those are UR or UR-W10 issues; whilst it's obvious that they just occur on some systems, not also on others, e.g. yours.
The 'Reload selection and tabs from last database session' option does not control which databases get reopened when UR starts up (rather, it controls what will happen with a DB when it does get reopened), and Compact & Repair wouldn't have any effect on this behavior. The Windows version shouldn't matter either.

If UR is started with a command-line parameter to open a database (see, just that database will be opened.

If UR is started without that parameter (and the Shift key is not held down), it will re-open all databases that were open when UR was last exited (if File | Exit or Alt+F4 was used to close UR).

Also see

You can use Process Explorer ( -> UltraRecall.exe -> Properties -> Image to determine what command-line flags were passed when the process was started.

You can see (or alter) what database were last opened (and will be reopened) in the registry under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options
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