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Similar problem with LINKED Items

READ HERE FIRST (second edit):

MY MISTAKE, sorry. Logical fault of mine. The "Link" sub-symbol for Links do disappear after I also empty the deleted copy, or the deleted original, from the Recyle Bin.

This one really is annoying: When I have item A, then LINK to item B (i.e. creating virtual item Aa), both items' icons get the "link" sub-symbol, to indicate "is an item with at least 2 parents (1 original parent, and at least 1 virtual parent)".

When I then delete item Aa, the "link" sub-symbol stays in item A's icon, and when I (in another example) delete item A, the "link" sub-symbol stays in item Aa's icon.

"View - Refresh" does not help; closing the database and re-opening it does not help; Tools - Compact and Repair does not help.

Thus, upon deletion of an item, and probably also upon moving (not only copying) it to another database, there may be no sub-routine checking if the item in question has exactly two parents, so that by deletion or "moving out", the remaining icon should be reset to "regular", i.e. without the "link" sub-symbol.

This is a glitch not even in my main database (see "Reasonable database sizes"), but also in my secondary databases (about 25,000 items) which had not been affected by the import and then deletion of 50,000 items to a base of 70,000 ones.

Considering that now, after cut (^x), the icons don't get greyed-out in my secondary databases (as described above; see "Tree problems and suggestions" z) over there) either, the icon problem(s) described here may have for cause some recent problem with my UR exe (?), so that on other systems, everything, or at least the icons' "link" symbol being deleted when they have become obsolete, may work as expected?

EDIT: Just re-installed UR, problems of this thread persist even in secondary databases. (Problem of icon not being greyed-out after ^x only persists in main database, affected by the intermediate "reasonable database size" excess; will need to create new database for that, then import 75,000 items...)

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