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Hello, I'm happy that obviously SendBigFile (mentioned in the help page) made the recording available to you, either by sending it or by providing a link, so obviously, SendBigFile is the service to be used in these circumstances!

It's also obvious I'm the only user who has encountered this problem, so at the end of the day, it's obvious this doesn't need further attendance, and we can this shelve now, all the more so since the above-mentioned way-around avoids the problem to occur even on my system.

Just let me add that I'm very happy that the arrival of my screen video proves I did not make up this, and this obviously also applies to any other remarks of mine re UR. On the other hand, in just several weeks, I've been observing lots of "edges" which had never been addressed in this forum, so I come to the conclusion that I must be "nitpicking" or something alike? I don't know and can't say, but be assured that I try to be as constructive as it gets!
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