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1 - You're right, once I assign a shortkey over there, that shortkey will also appear in the context menu; my fault to expect something "special" for that, it's as simple as that.

2 - Hoping to have understood your second post correctly - you want proof? -, I took a screen video, full-screen, upon a newly-created "trial" UR database, with just 4 "trial" items of my own, and I made two tries, subsequently:
- NOT de-selecting the check-box "Always use this app"
- Then, selecting the check-box, i.e. setting it to "NO".

Both tries brought exactly what I had described above (so the problem has nothing to do with my descriptions above applying to my "regular" UR database with about 60,000 items (i.e. no "database size problem"), and I'm using Windows 10 Pro latest version (= automatic updates) and UR 6.2 latest (my check today = "You have the latest version").

The less-than-2-minutes video (my "stayings" on the "OK" button are caused by multiple tries to click onto the greyed-out button, and as said, I, in both cases, I had to clic), is almost 10 MB, and the "export" from my ".approj" format (= Active Presenter Professional) into ".mp4" took about 5 minutes (!), but the result is "working", whilst for example, a "simpler" try with (free) "FlashBack Express Recorder" just brought a black screen; there are other, paid, "screen recorders", and I should perhaps trial some of those...

I'll try now to send you the .mp4 video by mail.

This being said, "Item - Open in New Tab" and Then "Tree - Hoist" (both assignable to shortcuts) will bring, combined, the expected result for a combined command "Item - Hoist in/to New Tab" indeed.

EDITS: 10 MB not possible by my mail, so I tried 2 times with, first try's "transfer link", second try's being - in both cases then "This transfer doesn't exist". Can't find a working, free file sharing service. Did the video with "Active Presenter Professional", around 90 seconds, mp4 = 10 MB; did a second video with Ashampoo Snap 11, mwv file 26 MB (both full screen). WeTransfer sends a code, without any field to enter that code; SendThisFile wants me to create an "account"; MailBigFile, after confirmation, sends "50 p.c. off", with a quite hidden "Your files have been uploaded and your recipient notified by email.", so perhaps this was successful, and transfernow, NO, "hours" afterwards, sends me another mail, with - and again, then "This transfer doesn't exist". Thus, let's hope that MailBigFile DID sent a file, or a functioning link, and at the very least, we'll have learned, "Don't use transfernow, just much ado about nothing over there"...

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