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Originally Posted by Spliff View Post
...So I do "New Tab" instead, in order to hoist "Sub" on a SECOND tab.

This opens a new tab "Sub" (which is not hoisted yet of course) as FIRST tab, while my original tab becomes tab "A" on SECOND position, which is not wanted: I would like to have the "original" tab with the "original database view", and then more tabs, on 2nd, 3rd... position, with "special versions" of that: FROM "general" TO "specific". So in order to rectify the (for me, and logically) "wrong" order, I must move one of the tabs with the mouse.
I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior. Item Tab | New Tab or right-click -> Open in New Tab always creates a new tab to the right of other existing tabs. Then Tree | Hoist or Ctrl+Shift+H will hoist the tab. We can consider adding an option to hoist when opening a new tab.

Originally Posted by Spliff View Post
(Here, I also get a dialog "Unknown File - File Identifier - By - Search ... / Use the default Windows service - OK" (I must then manually close this dialog): this is very probably a problem of my system and has nothing to do with UR, but I get this message only in this situation, not also for example when I create new UR databases or in other situations. Any idea about that?)
I wasn't able to reproduce this either.
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