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Version 8.5

Released on October 9, 2013

New Actions
  • Make VS 2013

  • Display full path+filename of recent file menu item in status bar.
  • Improved performance when building many iterating steps in GUI app.

    Action Enhancements
  • AccuRev action: Support v6.
  • Doc-To-Help action: Support v2013.
  • InstallAnywhere action: Support v2003.
  • InstallAware action: Support v16 and v17.
  • InstallShield action: Support v2013.
  • Make VS* actions: 1) Support v2013; 2) Support environment variables in output dir of VC++ projects; 3) Support VC++ output dir specified in property sheet.
  • MSBuild action: Support v12.
  • Multilizer action: Support v9.
  • NDepend action: Support v5.
  • NSIS action: Support v3.
  • NuGet action: Support v2.7.
  • Perforce action: Support v2013.
  • Read XML action: Preserve white space option (File tab).
  • StarTeam action: Support v13 and v14.
  • Subversion action: Support v1.8.
  • Transform XML Log action: Preserve white space option (Transform tab).
  • Vault action: Support v7.
  • VMware Player action: Support v6.
  • VMware Workstation action: Support v10.
  • Write XML action: 1) Preserve white space option (File tab); 2) Don't add namespace attribute when adding new element to a parent node in same namespace.
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