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Version 4.2

Released on August 10, 2010

New Features

  • Support for Office 2010 (32-bit edition).+
  • Syntax coloring text editor for source code snippets and files (Tools | Options | Editor).
  • Link/move/copy items from other locations to the selected item (Tree | Link/Move From).
  • Collapse Tree command to collapse entire tree (Tree menu).+
  • Close Unlocked Tabs command (Tab menu).+
  • Object Exists attribute to support searching for items whose synced file and/or Outlook item does or does not exist (enable the attribute at Tools | Options | Attributes). To find all UR items linked/synced to Outlook items that no longer exist, perform an advanced search of URL matches wildcard outlook:* and Object Exists equals No. To find all UR items linked/synced to files that no longer exist, perform an advanced search of URL not matches wildcard *://* and Object Exists equals No.+


  • Filter advanced search with additional quick search text (Search pane).
  • Internal link anchors (remember and update cursor position when going to internal link).+
  • Locked tab title indicator (prefixed with *).+
  • Options to hoist tree when going to an item, locking tab title, or going to a locked item (Tools | Options | Trees (More)).+
  • Option to lock tab title when going to a favorite (Tools | Options | Trees (More)).+
  • Option to insert child / sibling at top / above in manually ordered list (Tools | Options | Trees).
  • Option for whether to activate reminder dialog in full screen mode (Tools | Options | Reminders).
  • Quick options for using web page and document title for item title when importing.
  • Option to show all system attributes in advanced search grid drop-downs and Choose Columns dialog, even if hidden from Item Attributes pane via Tools | Options | Attributes (create DWORD registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options\AlwaysShowSysAttrInRelatedAndSearch with value of 1 and restart UR).
  • Persist image viewer best fit vs. actual size setting between sessions.

    Bug Fixes
  • Pressing Delete in Name field of Form Properties dialog also deletes row in grid.
  • Add Paste Text One Item Per Line to default Data Explorer pane right-click menu.

    + = Professional edition only
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