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Thanks for your time in the investigation of this problem.

Please take an extra moment to further look into the one that in your case Kevina reports 231 keywords. That one in my case is only indexed 26 words as I have configured a list of very common words to be excluded (this, that, here, there, etc.), but please keep in mind that for a 31-page document with many, many words even a quantity of 231 is few, so there is still something odd. The other document (the smallest in size) reports to me only 6 keywords, and it is a 3-page long doc.

I performed the test you suggested. I copied a page of text using Adobe Reader version 7.0.7 from the document "10 things access reports.pdf" and then copied on a word processor, but the result is clean text. I'm slightly frustrated. I'm very confident that this will be clarified though. UR is an excellent program.

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