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How do I import data from Zoot?

In Zoot:
1) choose File | Export from the menu bar
2) enter or select the file to export from and to
3) click the Comma delimited radio button
4) choose the items and elements to be exported
5) click Export

In Ultra Recall:
1) choose File | Import on the menu
2) choose A delimited text file (CSV), click Next
3) check Skip missing values
-- check First row contains field names
-- enter a Field Delimiter of , (comma)
-- enter a Text Qualifier of " (double quote)
-- choose an appropriate Template from the list
-- enter or browse to the file exported above
-- map Zoot elements to Ultra Recall attributes (map Subject -> Item Title and Body -> Item Text, and create any new attributes as necessary in Ultra Recall via the Attributes Editor button to map attributes not yet in Ultra Recall)
-- click Next
4) choose import location
5) click Finish

A separate item will be created in Ultra Recall for each Zoot item that was exported, and an item attribute for each mapped Zoot element.
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