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I doubt it would be that difficult--simply review the files opened under the temp directory to see if anything's opened by another application.

Other failsafe alternatives include, for example, rotating the temp file directory (temp1, temp2, temp3, etc.) every time that UR opens. If anything catastrophic happens, you can look at the prior temp file directory and find the file that you spent that lost hour on.

Bottom line is that I've never lost any data in UR except through this one problem. I realize, again, that one could say that it's human error, but when there's an easy technical fix, it seems wiser computer programming not to let humans fail.

If anyone else has lost data through this process, it might be useful to hear it on this thread. It would give Kinook a better sense of the magnitude of the problem.


Another simple fix might be an optional setting to save all externally edited documents every N minutes. Probably won't slow things down unless you've got very large files open for editing. And if so, the user can set the frequency to 30 minutes, instead of 5 or 10 mins.

Admin update: This was implemented in v5.1

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