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Why are there no videos and when is the next major upgrade?

Thanks for the response which raises a some important points:

1) Why would kinook not create some videos when they take little time to do. Why would it be necessary to beg a developer to produce something that can only benefit them, benefit their users enormously and promote the software to a wider audience of potential new customers? I understand some developers like coding rather than telling folks how to make the most of their programs but it makes no sense to me to produce a super piece of software and then not do all you can to show folks how to get the best from it.

2) You mention the possible release of version 5 of Ultra Recall and yet I see it is only on version 4.2a so that would be quite a leap to make and the first thought that comes to mind is: "If i buy this software after the trial, how soon before I'm asked to pay for a major upgrade?"

3) Hopefully kinook will respond to this post on the first two points mentioned above but in the meantime, could some advanced users please step into the void left by kinook and create some instructional videos and post them on a YouTube channel or perhaps there aren't any advanced users out there?


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