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Re: Simultaneous Access?

Originally posted by danson
I have a 'synced' folder from

This basically monitors a folder and syncs it in the background to other computers.

I was thinking of running Ultrarecal from there, putting my urd file into a synced folder.

If I have several instances of UR running, each accessing and updating their own .urd locally which is then diffed and synced across to other machines, is this going to really stuff UR up? Or do you think it will work fine?

I use Ultra Recall exactly like this, keeping all my urd's in Dropbox, and yes - you must close either Ultra Recall or the urd you plan to use on another computer or you will end up with "Conflicted Copies" in Dropbox. The good thing is you will never lose any data, but you may end up with some new data in one conflicted copy that is not in the base urd. Just drag/drop any such entries into the main urd and you are all caught up.

It is difficult to remember to close the file on my desktop computer, as UR starts with Windows and it automatically opens the last database. I can never remember to close it when I walk away from the desktop! Dropbox - if you hover your mouse over the tray icon - will show a message that it cannot update the urd to the web. Apparently UR does not allow read access to the URD's when they are open; it locks them until they are closed. Several applications do this and you just have to work around that.

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