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Simplified Step to Hyperlink Outlook Items

We have to face the reality: neither Outlook nor UR will replace each other for all practical purpose. To help improve our life efficiency, we have to rely upon harmonious coexistence between the two powerful applications.

UR has already offered time-saving feature by placing two Import buttons in Outlook. But it only creates Info Items.

However, you may wish to insert multiple relevant Outlook items (appointments, tasks, emails, notes,...etc.) into one single UR Info Item text to prepare, for example, your sales meeting, tech support, court hearing, and project planning.

You need a tool called Linker, free software from TeamScope. However, you need an older version, that's, 2.0.72. Referring to, you can download one from igoldsmid's supplied URL.

For day-to-day operation, take 3 easy steps:
1. Select the desired Outlook item (an appointment or an email)
2. Left click the Linker icon.
3. In your UR Info Item text, press Ctrl+V to paste the URL.

Kinook and igoldsmid are very kind to offer me enormous technical assistance. Thanks a lot.

This is an updated and simplified version of my post The latter is more complicated to apply.

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